The opportunity for AR / VR based digital marketing service providers in healthcare sector by  Roots Analysis
Given the present scenario, many stakeholders are adopting such advanced marketing strategies to drive better consumer engagement through the use of immersive and interactive technologies

Roots Analysis has announced theaddition of “AR /VR based Healthcare Digital Marketing Service Providers Market,2020-2030” report to its list of offerings.


Over time, variouspharma players have taken advantage of these immersive technologies foreducation, training as well as marketing, purposes. These technologies havebeen demonstrated to be capable of driving better customer engagement, andgenerating useful insights based on their expectations and purchase behaviors. Giventhe increasing demand for immersive technologies in the healthcare and pharmamarketing, several stakeholders are expected to forge alliances with AR / VRservice providers in the foreseen future. Owing to the rising interest of bigpharma players in this domain, we expect an escalated industry-wide adoption ofsuch technologies.


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Key Market Insights


More than 125 companies claim to offer different AR / VRbased digital marketing services to the healthcare and pharma industry.

The majority ofplayers engaged in providing AR / VR based digital marketing services to thehealthcare and pharmaceutical industry are small-sized companies (63%), followedby mid-sized (32%) and large players (5%). In addition, majority (38%) of theplayers were established during the period 2011-2015.


Several big pharmaplayers have taken significant strides in in the field of AR / VR

These instances are eitherby collaborating with digital marketing service providers or throughdevelopment of in-house capabilities. Majority (18%) of the instances wererecorded in the year 2018.


More than 350 industry players have been identified aslikely partners for AR / VR based digital marketing service providers

The potential strategic partners have beenidentified by evaluating more than 4,500 industry sponsored clinical trials (including phase I / II,phase II and phase II / III trials), and have been analyzed based on ourproprietary scoring criteria.


Currently, asignificant proportion (57%) of service revenues is generated from AR baseddigital marketing projects

In 2020, VR basedprojects are anticipated to contribute to 42% of the overall market share. Itis worth mentioning that, in the foreseen future, service revenues generatedthrough MR based technologies are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5% till2030.


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Key Questions Answered

§ Who are the leadingplayers offering AR / VR based digital marketing services?

§ Which immersivetechnology, AR or VR, is likely to witness greater adoption in the immediatefuture?

§ How have big pharmaplayers used AR / VR to create interactive and immersive experiences for theirconsumers?

§ Which companies arepotential strategic partners for AR / VR based digital marketing serviceproviders?

§ What are the factorsthat are likely to influence the evolution of this market?

§ How is the currentand future opportunity likely to be distributed across key market segments?


The USD 3.04 billion(by 2030) financial opportunity within the AR / VR based healthcare digitalmarketing service providers market has been analyzed across the followingsegments:

§ Type of Technology

  • AR Based Services
  • MR Based Services
  • VR Based Services


§ Type of product

  • Hardware
  • Software


§ End-User

  • Large Companies
  • Small and Mid-sized Companies


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§ Key Geographical Regions 

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Rest of the World 


The report featuresinputs from eminent industry stakeholders, according to whom, a significantincrease in adoption of AR / VR based digital marketing services is anticipatedin pharmaceutical industry, in the foreseen future. The report includesdetailed transcripts of the discussions held with the following experts:

§  Dhananjay Arora (CEO, Kwebmaker

§  Pritam Sahu (Director, Unanimity Information & Technology)


The research includesdetailed profiles of key players engaged in this domain; each profile featuresan overview of the company, recent developments and an informed future outlook.

§ ARWorks

§ CG Life

§ CubeZoo

§ Impact XM

§ INVIVO Communications

§ Mirum

§ Pixacore

§ Random42

§ Quast Media

§ Tipping Point Media

§ vStream


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