Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches [2021]
Looking for the top paying Adsense CPC keywords to make more money? Here you will find long tail, high CPC keywords that will boost your advertising revenue. Learn how to increase your adsense CPC and find and sort new keywords based on cost per click prices.

1. Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches [2020]

Making money online can be quite hard, especially if you are looking to monetize your blog solely via ads.

To be a successful Adsense publisher you need a lot of traffic but you also need that traffic to engage with the ads that are being displayed on your site. 

The adsense CPC that you get paid will depend on the topics that you write about. 

In the world of blogging, you can either write articles that will compete for clicks that will pay a few cents or be strategic and write content that will pay the big bucks.

If you are serious about making money online with Adsense and building a successful business, I suggest you target these top paying keywords and industries.

Also, I suggest you try Ezoic to automatically automize your ads.

I broke down this post by:

↓ keep reading to find the exact keyword phrases that you should target ↓

Because the companies behind the ads have a high customer value and can afford to spend a few hundred bucks to acquire a customer. It all boils down to their business economics.

Let’s run through a hypothetical example.

In addition to picking the best niche for adsense, you also have options as to which ad type to show. The options are: 1) text & display 2) matched content 3) in-feed and 4) in-article.

In my own experiments, I’ve found higher click through rates with native in-article ads. Those ads perform the best on any of my sites.

The in-article ads will naturally blend with your content and display midway through your blog post. I like these types of ads because they are contextual and usually receive a good amount of clicks.

Sidebar ads are not as good since we are already trained to tune them out.  

You can also try Matched Content if you have another content you’d like to promote.

Adsense Auto Ads take advantage of machine learning and place themselves automatically on your site where Google thinks they will perform well.

Google has been testing the Auto Ads feature as a beta since September of 2017 and recently (early March) released this feature to everyone.

Since Google has millions (if not billions) of sites to test, they will most likely be better than you or me when figuring out the right type and placement of the ads.

The only downside of this is that you won’t have much control of how many ads are shown or where they are placed, which if you are picky, might annoy you.

To set up Auto ads on your site, follow these steps:

Here are other high paying keywords that you can target in your blog posts

↓ Don’t forget about the bonuses at the end where I show you how to find the best kws ↓

SEMrush did a nice study on some of the best keywords by country here.

If you are looking for exact top paying keywords such as mesothelioma which pays $1000+ per click, you can check out the list compiled of 1M+ adsense keywords by GrepWords. For instance, they reported the ultimate top paying keyword “mesothelioma survival rates” at $1006.56 per click. 

Here are a few of my favorite top paid keywords per industry found through SEMRush (data for 2017, 2018 and 2019, 2020):

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that lines the lungs, stomach, heart, and other organs, and unfortunately can’t be cured. Nevertheless, treatment can help reduce the pain. People that contracted mesothelioma did so at their jobs so that is why you see searches like “mesothelioma attorneys”, “mesothelioma law firms” and “mesothelioma compensation”.

This is a very competitive keyword set so unless you can outrank WebMD and MayoClinic, I suggest you look for other industries.

*Competition of 1 means highly competitive.

Being a lawyer must be nice. You get to dress in a suit (which I love) and you also get to afford to spend exorbitant amounts of money for website traffic. Not too shabby.

In this list you will find a mix of people looking for Physicians and people looking for a PhD program.

I thought attorneys and lawyers were the same. Guess I was wrong.

Here are some other keywords pertaining to attorneys:

I threw this one in because the crypto space is just so hot right now. These keywords are not the highest paying on my article roundup but I expect their cost per click to rise in the coming years.

Aside: I personally just love blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Actually, I love it so much that with my company Flux Ventures we launched an entire division just to buy and sell bitcoin and alt-coins.

The insurance companies surely make a killing from those outrageous premiums they charge us. Otherwise how could they afford all those TV commercials and these crazy spend on Adwords? If you are in the insurance blogging space, kudos to you. You’ve picked a winner.

I actually took some of those keywords ^ and launched my site TheInsuranceNerd to attract those high paying clicks. So far, so good.

And lastly, how could I forget this…

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are most likely interested in all things online marketing / SEO so this list is for you:

No worries, you can find all these keywords (and more!) by going into SEMRush and clicking on Keyword Analytics > Phrase Match (or Related Keywords), typing the keyword(s) that you want and then sorting by cost-per-click

Here are other ideas to do keyword hunting.

Now, onto my favorite part. The bonuses.

Aiming for the right countries can really skyrocket your adsense earnings. Here are the top 10 countries to target:

If you take a look at this chart, you will notice that most of the countries in this list are first-world countries.

How do you target a particular country in your blog?

The easiest way is to blog in their native language. To get visitors from Canada, US, UK or australia, your blog must be in English. Similarly, write in German if you are looking for people from Deutschland.

You may also change your targeting settings under Search Console.

As a publisher, you have a good amount of control as to which Ad Categories you want to show on your site.

If you are trying to raise the CPC, RPM or CPM of your Adsense ads, then I suggest you take a look at your ad performance and start blocking categories that are not paying well.

Here’s how you can do that.

You may also experiment by blocking certain ad networks. I haven’t personally tried this, but some people claim it works.

A word of caution: Don’t block too many categories (or ad networks) or else you will significantly reduce the bid competition and will start driving your revenue down.

You can always run an Experiment (found under Optimization > Experiments) and see if blocking your ads yields more revenue or not.

You can also test if showing 50% of your total ads vs. 100% of ads yields more revenue.

Google Adsense experiments typically last for 10-30 days, up to 100 days (depending on your experiment and traffic).

For instance, I am running the experiment of blocking certain categories, and as you can see below I already started to see some good results (unfortunately Adsense policies prevent me from sharing the exact numbers).

What if you could view which keywords gets your competition the most clicks and revenue?

I’ll show you how I do it.

The process is very simple and uses SEMRush. (7 day free trial)

All you have to do is:

Once you do this process with 3-5 sites, you will have a good set of keywords that you can target. (By the way, you can hire someone on Fiverr or Freeeup [my favorite] to write quality articles for you so you don’t have to actually spend time doing it.) 

Did you know that Google already provides you with the keywords that you rank for?

What if you could optimize your existing blog posts to target even better keywords?

Instead of spending tons of hours writing a thorough post, you could use update an old one and pick juicier keywords.

Here’s how.

As you can see this last trick will yield keywords that might not be applicable to your blog post. In my case, “mesothelioma lawyer directory” does not apply to this specific post so I will just ignore it.

However, it will also find keywords that I am already getting impressions like “top paying keywords” but for which I am still ranked on page #2. The secret here is now to extend my existing blog post to include that new keyword so that my page gets bumped to page #1.

Pro tip: You can also sort by Volume or competition to find other hidden gems.

(Remember that now with the new RankBrain algorithm you shouldn’t target each specific long tail keyword but rather target medium-tail keywords that cover a broader topic.)

Related: Remember you can also show ads on Youtube (here’s a fun guide to Youtube SEO). 

I don’t know about you, but 100 bucks a day on ads sounds like a good passive income to me ($3k/mo).

Let’s run some calculations to see what it would take to make $100/day on Adsense.

First, some assumptions.

? Btw, you can increase your earnings using Ezoic. (an ad tester platform)

With these numbers we can now calculate how many visitors we need to earn our target amount.

The formula is = Visitors * CTR * CPC + Visitors/1000 * RPM 

So with 15,000 visitors per day we obtain around $100/day on Adsense.

(15,000 * 1% * $0.5 + 15,000/1000*$2 = $105/day)

But how do you obtain 15,000 page views per day? Is that reasonable?

Yes, it is reasonable. To do that, you can either

Learn how to write articles that will attract a lot of visitors.

Want learn how to get more organic visitors? Check this out!

In case you were wondering the same steps apply if you are looking to grow your earnings on Youtube. The same industries, languages and countries discussed above will also do well on YT.

To further optimize your Youtube earnings, you should also include a thorough description of your video that includes the high paying keywords you are targeting.

Here are more Youtube SEO tips.

I hope you found this list of high cost-per-click keywords useful.

I also hope you liked the strategy to find keywords that your competitors are getting money from. If you want additional tools to find keywords, head to my SEO tools list. 

Building a high grossing blog is a combination of picking a solid niche, doing SEO on your articles and having fun while at it.

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and share this article with a friend.

I put a lot of work into it so I’d appreciate it if you tweet it out. Also let me know what you want me to write about next! If you want you can hit me up on Snapchat @youngslacker or Instagram: @youngslacker

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At this point, aren’t you wondering how I got the first result on Google for this blog post? Read here to find out how.

or get left behind by the people who do...

Alejandro Rioja (UCLA '17) is a serial entrepreneur who founded Flux Ventures, a holdings company that owns: 1) Flux Chargers, the top rated and best selling power bank in over 90 countries, with a #1 worldwide rank by Mashable, Engadget, and Digital Trends; 2) Flux.LA, a software and marketing consulting firm that will get your site at the top of Google; 3) Flux Capital, an investment firm and 4) Young Slacker Media, a series of popular websites (like FutureSharks, and The Insurance Nerd) and his own rapper persona, Snap: @youngslacker, Instagram: @youngslacker.If I can be of any help or if you would like to do business with me, don't hesitate to reach out!

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